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SI Bureau is a company offering a wide range of services for the implementation of home automation systems. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of engineering systems. We offer a comprehensive approach to home automation at various levels of difficulty.

Thanks to the advent of various technical innovations, human life becomes as comfortable and easy as possible. Modern technologies allow making houses bright, warm and equipping them with various engineering systems that require time and even special knowledge to manage them. "Smart Home" combines all the technical systems of the house into one and makes managing them simple and convenient. You are able to fully control your home, while being anywhere, thanks to a security system that includes protection against water and gas leaks, fire and security alarms, and video surveillance.

Smart Home, security systems in Baku

Another advantage of “Smart Home” is that it not only makes your life comfortable, but also saves resources. The system itself will turn the heating into energy-saving mode, or completely turn it off when the air temperature changes, turn off the light, TV or music in the room if you are not there. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off electrical appliances when leaving the home. You just need to log into the system from your mobile and turn off all electrical appliances with the click of a button.

We can make your home safe, reliable and comfortable for living, truly modern. Smart home technologies will change your life for the better. You can order the development of the “smart home” system by calling our contact number. The task of the "smart home" system is to increase the efficiency and reliability of managing all vital support devices, through automation and control, as well as to free up the time of its inhabitants as much as possible.

“Smart Home” solutions Baku, Azerbaijan

“Smart Home” means the safety of its inhabitants, protection from outside, automation of doors and gates, security and fire alarms, control over the disconnection of electrical appliances and water and gas leaks, protection against emergency conditions, as well as the indication of alarms and violation of regulatory modes. In the absence of the owners, the system must be able to recognize what is happening at home and correctly respond to it.

“Smart Home” will take care of optimal climatic conditions in houses, pools and winter gardens, and prevent emergencies. The system allows you to set a comfortable temperature in each room, turn on the air conditioner when someone is in the room and switch to energy-saving mode in an empty room. Ozonation and ionization equipment will enrich the air with oxygen.

"Smart Home" solutions by SI Bureau 

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