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Each furniture buyer wants the set to not only fulfill its functions at home, but also emphasize the individuality of owners with its original style. Apparently, therefore, the manufacture of custom-made furniture occupies a leading place in the furniture market from particleboard.

After all, standard factory furniture cannot provide an individual approach to customers. If you take into account the “original forms” of the premises in our apartments, it becomes obvious that only a non-standard design will save the situation here. Many furniture makers are well aware that the demand for such furniture is the highest, and if so, then it makes sense to work in this market segment.

Custom-made production of kitchen furniture in Baku

Modern kitchen furniture can be luxurious and functional, as well as unpretentious, but reliable and long-lasting. Today, noble natural materials stone (granite, marble), wood, brick, steel, et, are used in production. Shops offer the sale of kitchen furniture with countertops made of natural or acrylic stone. A wide range of products allows you to make individual orders with original decorative elements.

Custom-made kitchens are one of the dominant components of modern homeownership, and their manufacturers are honored, respected people. Our company offers custom-made kitchen furniture. The main factors that distinguish our products from analogs are excellent quality, longevity, and prices are affordable for most residents of Baku and Azerbaijan.

We offer custom-made kitchen furniture with delivery and turnkey installation. Everything for the kitchen - Kitchen facades - Countertops for kitchens - Bar counters for kitchens – Custom-made sinks for kitchens - ready-made sinks. Large selection of materials and colors - NCS - Enamel - RAL - TSS - Chipboard Egger - Chipboard Kronospan - Artificial stone - Mirrors - Veneer.

We offer individually sized kitchen furniture, with related accessories. We have special offers for private customers, designers and architects.

Sliding wardrobes and built-in furniture in Baku

For many years we have been making custom-made wardrobes and other cabinet furniture for our beloved clients. Products manufactured at the SI Bureau factory now serve in the homes and apartments of our customers for storage and for ergonomic purposes in the interior. We deal with each of your questions individually. Therefore, we offer both custom-made and standard solutions, but we are ready to create a serious design project of any complexity. We can handle any task of creating furniture sets!

Production and sale of marble and granite in Baku

Nowadays, marble products are used in various fields. It is mainly used in the construction and decoration of objects and spaces. Marble products are also used to create sculptures. As cladding, marble products are used in fountains, pools and saunas. Marble decoration creates an atmosphere of luxury in rooms. The marble external cladding looks respectable, expensive and spectacular. Marble products are also used to solve architectural, interior tasks for a long time and successfully. Natural materials do not lose popularity, despite the appearance of artificial analogs not behind it in terms of decorative qualities.

Our company makes marble products of any kind at very attractive prices. We offer custom-made products from the marble of our own collection. We deliver stones directly from quarries of developments. More than 150 types of marble are available in our collection. We have a large production with the most modern digital Italian equipment (Donatoni, Denver, Waterjet). We offer the manufacture of any marble products. Our products have excellent quality, precise detailing and flawless assembly.

In interior design, products made of natural marble can solve various design and practical tasks. Stones are used as the main and additional finishing material. Modern marble production involves the manufacture of various cladding elements. 

The use of marble for interior design includes:

  • Floor and wall marble tiles. Materials are offered in various sizes, colors and textures. The most popular is polished marble;
  • Marble mosaic for creating spectacular panels, the so-called "eternal painting", which is able to decorate any room. Such a "picture" can be used as a separate element of decoration. It also decorates stone claddings of walls or floors; 
  • Fireplace covers. Marble is characterized by heat resistance. Thanks to its physical properties and decorativeness, this material is almost ideal for finishing status elements of the interior, especially fireplaces;
  • Countertops, window sills. Such marble products are custom-made, taking into account the individual characteristics of rooms to be designed; 
  • Interior items (stone tables, figurines, souvenirs);
  • The marble steps of the stairs will be an adornment of your homes and will create an irresistible sparkle of exquisite taste.
  • Marble windowsills are an exquisite decoration of the interior and completely practical

Production of furniture, marble and granite by SI Bureau

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