Private house design

Before you start building a house, you need to create its architectural project. If there is a well-thought-out and carefully verified project, the construction of the house will be successful, and life inside will be comfortable. We offer our customers such useful and important services as the individual design of houses and cottages for their specific needs and wishes, as well as the design of cottages of any complexity.

The construction of an individual project is more expensive than building a house or a cottage on a ready-made project. But at the same time, customers receive exactly the kind of housing that they would always like to have, taking into account the needs and size of their families. Besides, an individual project slightly increases the construction time, because its competent preparation and development will take time.

The individual design of houses and cottages includes not only the creation of a sketch (outline design) of the future home but also the development of the structural part, and a detailed plan for the installation of engineering systems. That is why the individual design of houses and cottages requires more time than the selection and completion of a ready-made project.

The constructive part of the project includes the development of all structural elements of the house, the description of all elements and components of the building, as well as its design features. This part of the project is very important for the correct and error-free execution of construction work.

Design of country houses and cottages in Baku

The architectural design of houses and cottages is primarily individual. A typical project cannot take into account all the factors. Individual design uncompromisingly considers the tasks arising from the current situation and economic context, your taste preferences and function, the features of the relief and the shape of the site, the light of the territory and rooms with the sun, the wind strength and the groundwater level, climatic features and the friendliness of neighbors. The result of all is maximum personal comfort that accurately reflects your tastes and lifestyle.

Design stages

The ultimate goal of designing country houses is to prepare a package of documentation necessary for coordination and construction. However, a professional architect needs to create not only technically competent, but also an aesthetically unique solution that will fully meet the customers’ expectations.

Individual house design means the development of a house project from scratch. Creating a house project, the work can be divided into successive stages.

Preliminary architectural design 
The preliminary architectural project includes the planning of floor plans, 4 facades, section, roof plan, 3D pictures of the house.
Architectural and construction section of the working documentation
The architectural and construction section of the working documentation includes all the drawings from the foundation to the roof with the specifications of building materials.
Engineering sections of the working documentation of the network inside the house
Engineering sections of the working documentation of networks inside the house include water supply, sewage, heating, electrical equipment.

Design of cottages and country houses 

SI Bureau provides a full range of architectural design services for country houses of any complexity. Today, this is one of the most popular services in Baku. This service is creative and at the same time engineering and technical process aimed at creating space, modeling objects. This is a unique phenomenon, as a result of which, based on your words and wishes, the image of the house first appears, and then a specific guide to bring it to life.

Design of houses, mansions and villas by SI Bureau

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