Preparation of estimates

A construction estimate is a necessary document to determine the cost of construction of the house on your chosen project. It includes expense items both for materials and for the work performed. The season, region, remoteness from the supplier of building materials, etc. can influence construction costs.

Therefore, it is a logical step to order an estimate to avoid unexpected costs during construction. The estimate for the construction of a house is a settlement document required for the contractor to begin work on the site. Most of the costs during construction are borne by the payment for building materials and contracting services.

Estimates for construction and repair of houses in Baku  

Not serious house construction begins until an estimate is drawn up and approved. This is a mandatory document that allows you to calculate construction costs with a high degree of accuracy, as well as control the expenditure of funds during the construction. However, preparing an estimate for house construction is not an easy task.

Neither a private developer nor every contractor is able to do it right, taking into account all items of expenses and unforeseen expenses. Therefore, major construction companies have their own cost estimation departments. Smaller companies may apply to offices specialized in budgeting.

What is an estimate, and why is it needed? 

An estimate for house construction is a financial document and an integral part of the construction contract, regardless of the form of ownership the contractor company. When preparing a construction estimate, there is a need to focus on two main categories of costs;

  • costs of building materials;
  • costs of the work to be done;

Calculation of house construction costs in Baku 

An estimate for house construction allows clearly monitoring the compliance of the work performed with the approved schedule, which is very convenient in terms of technical control and architectural supervision. It should be noted that the preparation of an estimate is a process that fully justifies itself in the process of building houses. 

Drawing up a construction estimate allows customers to carefully consider all stages of the work, and if necessary, to make amendments before starting the process. For a construction company, this document minimizes the bureaucracy and uncontrolled duplication of paper and electronic documentation. In addition, having a project and an estimate, every customer gets the opportunity to conduct a tender for the performance of work among contractors. 

Apartment renovation estimate 

When planning the repair of their private houses, the owners see the whole picture, forgetting about various little things and nuances, which ultimately lead to additional expenses. Therefore, a well-thought-out estimate for the repair of apartments will help you avoid unnecessary costs. Sometimes completely simple details that should not affect the estimate have a sharp effect on the final price.

In order to make an estimate, first of all, it is necessary to calculate the area of the space where the repair work will be carried out. There is also a need to calculate the area of the walls in the space. In the next stage, you should determine what material you are going to do the roughing of the walls and calculate its cost.

The estimate itself is, by definition, a financial document covering a plan for future expenses. In connection with this, a budget for apartment repair is accordingly a plan for upcoming repair costs. After drawing up en etimate, taking into account all the features of this repair itself, you can clearly determine the amount you need for the repair. And if suddenly you go beyond the budget, the same estimate will help you identify places where it will be possible to apply the savings.

Preparation of construction and repair estimates by SI Bureau 

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