Apartment interior design 

The interior design of apartments is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a mirror that reflects the tastes and lifestyle of its owners, their views on beauty, harmony and discipline.

Interior design services in Baku 

Moving into a new home or planning a major overhaul, even with a meager budget, we think about a certain style and harmony of all the interior elements that we would like to see in the end. The well-thought-out and modern interior is a feeling of comfort, confidence and the formation of a new perception of yourself and life in general.

Interior design: service costs 

Interior design is implemented as a design project. In our company, a complete design project includes draft and working projects. The implementation period depends mainly on close cooperation with customers, how quickly and successfully they approve the project at different stages of work, as well as on the speed of coordination of the selection of materials, equipment and other solutions.

Interior design of small apartments 

For small rooms, the key to a good design is using light shades. Such light shades create a special charm of cleanliness and hospitality. You can choose not only white shades, but also beige, pink, yellow. Think about the accent wall (bright wallpaper or painted in bold color) to create extra depth. Dark and large upholstered furniture absorbs light and steals the feeling of spaciousness, while the light-colored one, on the contrary, is almost invisible even with large dimensions. Consider using clear glass, shiny and metallic decor, eco-friendly materials and vibrant textiles. It is also not necessary to place furniture in a standard manner along the walls. Instead, it would be much better to come up with a placement option that is right for your space and will meet all your needs.

Interior design of three-room apartments 

A sufficiently large area of a three-room apartment allows realizing almost any idea to create a stylish and beautiful interior. Here you can give free rein to fantasy and creative imagination, and not fight for every meter. The owners of three-room apartments strive to get not only a beautiful interior, but also a cozy and harmonious housing, where all family members can feel as comfortable as possible.

Design of large apartments 

Four- and five-room apartments are a huge scope for the imagination of residents, creative views and ideas. But what if each member of the family has his/her own view on the ideal design of rooms? The design features of large apartments are many. Since there are many rooms, in addition to the kitchen and living room, other rooms are individually equipped following the chosen functional purpose.

Design of duplex apartments 

A duplex apartment is a special luxury and lifestyle of wealthy people. Large space allows you to comfortably place everything you need exactly the way you want, without compromising the functionality and beauty of the interior. Previously, the owners of studio-type apartments could be met only among the owners of budget housing. Today, studio-type apartments are no longer the type of home, but the lifestyle. A similar layout is found in houses of business and elite class, with large areas, high ceilings and panoramic glazing. The studio has turned into a huge field for testing design ideas and creative solutions.

A large family, as well as guests, will be freely accommodated on two floors. However, the large area and the presence of a staircase in the house require very competent design, so that the living space does not have anything superfluous, and each element of the interior performs its strictly assigned function. But in general, such projects are very interesting in terms of design and give homeowners a different sense of space.  

Penthouse design 

In most cases, penthouses occupy an entire floor (or several floors), having their own entrance and exit to the roof, many windows and high ceilings. The proximity of clouds, as well as a large amount of sunlight, makes adjustments to the design of the penthouse. Someone seeks to live in spacious and free rooms, while someone prefers to have comfortable areas or separate rooms. In most cases, penthouses occupy an entire floor (or several floors), have their own entrance and exit to the roof, many windows and high ceilings. The interior of these apartments are different from ordinary living spaces.

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