House construction

We are not just building exemplary houses, we are building the house of your dreams!

Do you own a plot, and you already see a laconic hi-tech mansion or a small two-story chalet on it? But how to realize the idea? Most importantly, to qualitatively implement the construction of monolithic cottages, brick or concrete houses, it is necessary to correctly assess the possibilities of the site. The type and characteristics of the soil, elevation and relief, remoteness from centralized communications – all this determines the characteristics of the future structure and the required foundation.

Even on a narrow or uneven plot, it is possible to build a luxurious and outstanding mansion based on an individual project created for you. If you like a ready-made project from our catalog, we can make free changes to it, without affecting the construction process. Also at this stage, the position of the house on the site, its orientation to cardinal points, all design decisions that will determine the construction cost will be taken into account and approved.

A private house is not only an indicator of status and personal taste. This is a perfect investment in the future of your family. The convenient location of premises, adequate lighting for children’s rooms, reasonable consumption of energy resources are the nuances that should be considered before laying the foundation. That is why the construction of houses and cottages begins with the project.

We begin work with geological researches, then develop either an individual or choose a standard project based on your wishes. It becomes the basis for the issuance of a permit for the construction of a country house and the preparation of a "Passport for the design of a private house."

Turnkey or phased construction of houses is carried out in strict accordance with the design and current regulatory and technical documents, as well as technical specifications and recommendations of specific material manufacturers. As experience shows, this allows our customers not only to be sure of the quality of the work performed, but also to significantly reduce risks, optimize the total construction cost and further operation.

Turnkey construction of houses: projects and prices in Baku

Let’s take a closer look at the fundamental difference between our construction company – SI Bureau – and a private team:

  • Warranty period, quality performance: Let’s take a look at Remstroyservis, which has been represented in the construction services market for 15 years. The company has a fairly strict selection of employees, all teams consist of people who have devoted their lives to the construction industry for more than 10 years. Thanks to all this, there is no doubt that the quality of work performed will be at the highest level. Keep using only high-quality materials means that the company will serve you for a rather long time. That is why the company provides in its contracts a 10-year warranty for the work performed. 
  • Large staff: If an employee of a private brigade is unable to continue work for any reason, the construction process is suspended. In such cases, our company quickly replaces one employee with another, without affecting the construction process;
  • From beginning to end.  Starting our work at the stage of conception, we continue it until all the necessary documents are received and a facility (object) is commissioned;
  • Execution speed. If we compare our company with private brigades, which usually work only in the summer period, we can see that our main advantage is that we are ready to work in temperatures up to 8 degrees thanks to new technologies;
  • Used materials and technologies. It is up to you to decide how we will carry out the construction process. Our task is to select materials that can meet quality standards and choose the appropriate technology. Based on the customers’ priorities, we can build houses from brick and even foam blocks;
  • Experience. The fact that we have already built more than 80 houses allows us to talk about the high quality of our work. 
  • Anywhere. If necessary, we can organize a mobile team and carry out construction work anywhere in our country.

Construction of houses in Baku 

It’s not so difficult to build a house of 150 m2 in Baku and regions, you just need to contact us for this. By ordering the design and construction of private houses, our customers can get comfortable, stylish and durable housing at an affordable price.

Our specialists at the site, technical and architectural supervision staff monitor the implementation of each stage of the turnkey construction of cottages. Moreover, as practice shows, customers receive significant savings and time, as well as do not get nervous, when all the work is carried out by one contractor, from the creation and approval of the project to the design and decoration of premises, the installation of all engineering networks and the improvement of sites. 

Stages of construction of cottages and villas 

Professional construction of country houses is a rather complicated process that requires serious theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as, equally importantly, a high-quality company. In order for the result to meet your expectations, all the requirements of safety, reliability and quality, every stage of construction work are of great importance. 

Construction of houses, mansions and villages by SI Bureau

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