Exterior design

We all want a stunning home that will stand out from the others, but we also want it to adapt to its surroundings and the surrounding area. The process of exterior design can be quite complicated; you need to choose colors, materials, balance shapes and lines. This is not a job for beginner designers.

Have you ever wondered what makes an apartment look attractive? Why do some houses on the street make you stop and admire their beauty? Most likely, some of the key design principles were considered in the design of these stunning homes. Yes, both exterior and interior design must follow some simple design rules in order for the final result to please the eye.

Exterior design services in Baku 

The modern exterior design is somewhat different from the classic examples of previous eras. Today's consumers want, on the one hand, a technological maximum, and on the other hand, a maximum ecological, that is, the availability of special equipment for air conditioning systems, energy-saving elements and other things. They do not completely exclude the presence of water bodies, gardens and forests, and if possible, mountains on the territory of their premises. 

Of course, it is better to talk about the unity of exterior and interior design, using the example of a whole house, rather than a single apartment, possibly even a very large one. The concept of exterior design includes not only architecture, but also landscape. Some of the architects are engaged in landscape design in a part-time project, sometimes you have to resort to the services of a landscape designer.

Exterior design of houses

The exterior of a house, which harmonizes with its interior, will create a unique look of the building. The exterior is not only the facade, but also the surrounding area, which should also harmoniously fit into a single concept. Home comfort can begin even before you have time to enter the house. Entrust the exterior design to professionals and your home will take a completely new look.

Exterior of public buildings

The exterior of the building in which any organization, restaurant, hotel, or store is located makes no less impressive than the interior of these facilities. Given that the first impression is usually the strongest, it becomes obvious that even commercial success may depend on the appearance of the building and the surrounding area.

Specialists of our company will create an individual unique exterior design. The cost of this service will depend on the scope of work. We will undertake the project of any complexity and implement it within a reasonable time!
The Baku-based SI Bureau is specialized in the interior design of apartments and houses, townhouses, cottages, offices and other premises that you would like to see stylish, cozy and functional. 

The rich experience and incredible creative potential of our designers allow developing an original interior design project in any style: high-tech, classic, avant-garde, modern, minimalism, etc., taking into account the features of the premises and customers’ wishes. Each interior created by us is unique and reflects the style and character of owners. The price of a design project is affected both by the area of the designed space and the number of services required.

Exterior design services by SI Bureau

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