Apartment renovation

Premium repair work means quality in everything, especially in details!

SI Bureau is one of the leading companies in the premium repair market. The company is specialized in design repair of business-class residential complexes in Baku. We are mainly engaged in the repair and decoration of large apartments with an area of over 120m². Like all premium services, our services are expensive than conventional repair teams.

Project developers, designers, engineers and builders, direct contacts with suppliers of building materials, repair experience of more than 10 years allow us to set low prices and provide a guarantee for our work up to 3 years.

The scope of work includes the design of electrical wiring, the replacement of plumbing pipes, updating the flooring, the decoration of rooms, non-residential premises, etc. Before signing a relevant contract, we coordinate the total amount and purchase the necessary materials ourselves. You only need to accept the result.

We guarantee favorable conditions for cooperation and an integrated approach to repair and decoration activities. Our company is ready to repair an old or new apartment. The total area, the complexity of the design project and the location of the object do not matter. By signing a contract with us, you will not only entrust the arrangement of housing to experienced professionals, but also choose an affordance price for 1 m2.

Turnkey apartment renovation services in Baku

Turnkey apartment renovation by Baku Apartment Renovation is a complex of measures for capital or cosmetic renovation of premises in order to improve the quality of life and increase the safety of residents. The work includes redevelopment, replacement of wiring, decoration, water supply, sewage and heating systems or the laying of utilities from scratch. Do you want to renovate your living space?

You can order from our company high-quality and inexpensive apartment renovation in Baku from scratch. At customers’ requests, our masters can revise the started project. See the list of services for each type of repair below. You can calculate the cost yourself, based on the parameters of the object and the estimated amount of work. In the process of drawing up a detailed estimate, the plan can be adjusted, supplemented or reduced.

We repair apartments in new and secondary buildings, as well as restore facilities after the bay. Separately, you can order the repair of entrance halls, kitchens, balconies, loggias, combined bathrooms, bathrooms or toilets. Designers monitor fashion trends in interior design and develop successful room design concepts using professional programs. Thanks to 3D visualization, it is possible to correctly position household appliances, plumbing, furniture and points of connection to the power supply in convenient places for customers. At customers’ requests, we help to arrange interior items and install sophisticated equipment taking into account the ergonomics of the premises and safety requirements.

How much does apartment renovation cost in Baku?

The cost of repair depends on the complexity of the work, the need to change the geometry of the premises and the selected materials. You can agree that the euro-repair with redevelopment can not be compared at the price with a cosmetic one, in which you only need to update wallpapers and replace laminates.

The exact figure can be announced only after budgeting. But do not rush to be upset! Yes, you will have to spend time calling the counters, but this does not mean that you will waste time. It’s not the “managers” who go to objects, but experienced construction engineers who can professionally assess the condition of objects, take into account all your wishes, offer various finishes, talk about modern technologies and answer all your questions. 

What’s the best thing is that it’s all completely free. Finally, you will receive not only an estimate, but also a wealth of knowledge that will help make your home even more comfortable.

Apartment repair services by SI Bureau 

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